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 Discover the Mysterious Rick and Morty Font: A Guide to Cute Typefaces

Rick and Morty font is a script or handwritten typeface that was developed by a designer named Darrell Flood. This typeface used in the “Rick and Morty” logo is also called ” Finger Pop”. It has a beautiful and unique charm with wavy text that makes it a perfect fit for different animated movies as well as TV shows to add a sense of humor. A unique touch of handwritten text depicts scientific concepts that are mostly used in sci-fi themes.

Rick and Morty Font Alphabets

It can be used as headlines and titles of various websites matching its theme. Many social media users use this typeface for their posts to grab the attention of the audience. For theme parties, birthday parties, Halloween parties, and their invitation cards, this typeface will never bow you down. To provide a unique look to logos and text images, graphic designers use this typeface to make the logos more attractive to the audience.

Rick and Morty Font Appearence

 Rick and Morty Font Family 

  1. Rick and Morty Regular
  2. Rick and Morty Two
  3. Rick and Morty Four
  4. Rick and Morty Eight
  5. Rick and Morty Hair
  6. Rick and Morty Thin
  7. Rick and Morty Extra Light
  8. Rick and Morty Light
  9. Rick and Morty Book
  10. Rick and Morty Medium
  11. Rick and Morty Semi Bold
  12. Rick and Morty Bold
  13. Rick and Morty Extra Bold
  14. Rick and Morty Heavy
  15. Rick and Morty Ultra
  16. Rick and Morty Italic
  17. Rick and Morty Two Italic
  18. Rick and Morty Four Italic
  19. Rick and Morty Eight Italic
  20. Rick and Morty Hair Italic
  21. Rick and Morty Thin Italic
  22. Rick and Morty UltraLight Italic

Alternatives of Rick and Morty Font

  • Butterflies Font 
  • Lemon Milk Font 
  • Poppins Font 
  • Comic Sans MS Font 
  • Chalkduster Font 
  • Marker Felt Font 
  • Bangers Font 
  • JollyGood Sans Font 
  • Dancing Script Font 
  • Fredoka One Font

License Information of Rick and Morty Font 

It is free for Personal use but to use it commercially you need to buy it. 

FAQs of Rick and Morty Font

What font on Word is Rick and Morty?

Rick and Morty typeface is not in the default setting of MS Word, but you can download it and then use this font in your desired text. 

  • Open the MS Word document 
  • Highlight the text that needs to be converted into this typeface
  • Open the ” Home ” tab in MS Word 
  • Go to Font Group 
  • Select the downloaded Rick and Morty typeface 
  • Text will be changed as desired 

What font do they use in the Rick and Morty title?

” Get Schwifty” is the typeface used in the title and trailer of Rick and Morty.

How to get Rick and Morty font on Photoshop?

  • Find a font 
  • Download the font from an authentic website like a 3D text generator
  • Right-click on the downloaded file to install it on your computer 
  • Open photoshop 
  • Select the font installed 
  • Type the text that you want to convert into Rick and Morty 
  • Adjust the size and style

Who designed the Rick and Morty typeface?

This font was originally produced by Darrell Flood but redesigned by Mr.Jonizaak. 



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