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Archivo Font Free Download

Embrace elegance with Archivo Fonts: a timeless typeface for your design projects

Archivo Font is a sophisticated and versatile typeface that offers the perfect combination of elegance and modern appeal. Designed by Omnibus-Type, this font family is inspired by geometric shapes found in the early 20th century, resulting in a contemporary yet timeless design. The Archivo font comes in multiple weights and styles, giving designers creative flexibility and endless possibilities.

Elevate Your Design:

The classic yet contemporary design of Archivo Font elevates any project, be it web design, print materials or branding. Its clean lines and balanced proportions create an impactful visual experience that captivates the audience.

Timeless elegance, modern appeal:

Whether you’re designing a sleek website, an eye-catching magazine layout, or a brand logo, the Archivo font adapts with grace, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Experience the sophistication of an archive font and infuse your designs with a lasting touch of class. Unleash your creativity with this remarkable typeface and captivate the world with its beauty and charm.

Archivo Font View

Uses of Archivo Font

1. Web Design:

The Archivo font is suitable for web design, as it offers excellent legibility and readability on digital screens. It can be used for website headers, body text, and navigation menus, improving the user experience.

2. Print Materials:

From brochures and flyers to posters and magazines, Archivo Fonts add sophistication to print materials, making them visually appealing and easy to read.

3. Branding and Logo Design:

The classic and modern appeal of the Archivo font makes it an excellent choice for branding and logo design. It helps create a memorable brand identity that leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

4. Editorial Design:

In magazine layouts, book covers, and editorial spreads, the versatility of the Archive font shines, giving content presentation a clean and contemporary look.

5. Typography Pairing:

The Archive font pairs well with various other fonts, allowing designers to create harmonious and visually appealing typographic combinations.

6. Signage and wayfinding:

The clarity and versatility of the archival font make it an excellent choice for signage and wayfinding systems, ensuring clear communication in public spaces.

7. Infographics:

The clean design of the Archivo font makes it ideal for infographics, where a clear presentation of data is crucial to understanding complex information.

8. Multilingual Content:

With its wide language support, Archivo Font is perfect for projects with multilingual content reaching a diverse audience around the world.

Archivo Font Appearence

Weights and Styles

The Archivo font comes in a variety of weights and styles, giving designers a wide range of options to suit their design needs. Available weights and styles of archiv0 fonts may include:


  •  Archive black
  •  Archive bold
  •  Archive Extra Bold
  •  Archive Extra Lite
  •  Archive Lite
  •  Archive Medium
  •  Archive Regular
  •  Archive semi-bold
  •  Archive Thin


  •  Regular
  •  Italic

Alternatives (Similar) of Archivo Font

  • Roboto Font
  • Montserrat Font
  • Source Sans Pro Font
  • Lato Font
  • Open Sans Font
  • Raleway Font
  • Nunito Font
  • Archivo Narrow Font

License Information

Archivo font is licensed under the SIL Open Font License (OFL). SIL OFL is an open source font license that allows users to use, modify and distribute the font for personal and commercial purposes free of charge.

Under the terms of the SIL OFL, you are allowed to:

1. Use Archivo Font for personal and commercial projects without the need to purchase a separate license.
2. Modify the font to suit your design needs and create derivative works.
3. Distribute the font and any modified versions, provided they are also licensed under the SIL OFL.


What are the uses of archive font?

It can be used in web design, print content, branding, logo design, editorial layout, user interface, signage, infographics, and more. Its readability and versatility make it ideal for a wide range of applications.

How much weight and style does Archive Font offer?

The Typeface  comes in several weights, including black, bold, extra bold, extra light, light, medium, regular, semi-bold and thin. It is available in both regular and oblique styles.

Is Archivo font suitable for web design?

Yes, It  is suitable for web design due to its excellent legibility and readability on digital screens. It enhances user experience on websites and applications.

Can I use Archivo Fonts for commercial projects?

Of course! This typeface  is licensed under the SIL Open Font License (OFL), which allows free use for both personal and commercial projects with no licensing fees.

Does Archivo Font support multiple languages?

Yes,It  offers extensive language support, making it suitable for projects with multilingual content and reaching a diverse audience worldwide.

Where can I download Archive Fonts?

This  is widely available on various font repositories and websites that offer free fonts. You can download it from the official font website or from reputable font distributors.

Is the archivo font suitable for print content?

Yes, It’s clean lines and balanced proportions make it an excellent choice for a variety of print materials, including brochures, posters, magazines, and more.


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